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All of us at Haugan Cruises are proud to be able to share with you the wonders of Galapagos and Ecuador. Our main and most important goal is to provide a friendly, efficient and professional service that will make your visit to the Galapagos Islands and to Ecuador a very enjoyable, pleasant and memorable experience.

Pedro Rocafuerte


Not only is he one of the youngest captain's in Galapagos, but also one of the best!  Pedro's career started at a very young age of 23 years with a very fast pace of learning along with his true love for the ocean.  It has been a perfect combination for him to gain experience in other companies and now having the privilege of being part of the Cormorant staff.  He was also born in the beautiful city of Guayaquil on April 28th, 1973.

Manolo Salgado

First Mate

One of the most experienced first mates on board, Manolo was born in the city of Guayaquil on November 8th, 1976, and has been at sea for a minimum of 18 years. His experience and “hawk vision” is exceptional on the zodiac rides to the islands, but also he has big responsibilities. Not only does he help navigate the ship as the second mate and captain, but he is also in charge of all the safety equipment on board.

Walter Salgado


Walter is the second on our list with the most experience on board a ship. 27 years and counting he has helped us not only make sure the boat has stayed running, but also that everyone has electricity and hot water for every cruise. Walter was also born in the beautiful city of Guayaquil on June 22nd, 1963. His permanent residence is with his wife and kids in Ecuador's main port of Guayaquil.

Xavier Huirachocha


Born March 8th, 1975 in the main port of Guayaquil, Xavier's culinary experience extends as far as 24 years, not only on ships but also on land. His experience has been able to provide a special touch since in Galapagos there are so many restrictions for importing food, but with his experience and creativity, he has been able to please special diets, all the while maintaining our traditional Ecuadorian cuisine.

Daniel Miranda


Daniel is our youngest crew member on board and blesses us with some magnificent talent, not only in the dining room, but also with his creative bar drinks. He has experience as a bartender, as well as time spent as a chef's assistant. Born on November 29th, 1988, and also in the city of Guayaquil, he has been working for the last 5 years on various Galapagos ships. Daniel also makes sure that when you arrive to the boat you are welcomed with thirst quenching, exotic Ecuadorian fruit drinks and healthy snacks!

Giovanni Batalla


Giovanni is one of the youngest additions to our boat. With 7 years' experience at sea, he as well as many of our crew members, was also born in the city of Guayaquil on January 17th, 1975. Along with the chief engineers, he maintains the engine room, cabins, and keeps any other type of electrical work running smoothly for each and every cruise. He also makes sure the Jacuzzi stays in tip top shape running for our passengers who want to relax on the deck

Edison Jaramillo

First Mate

The latest member to join our staff, Edison was born August 23rd, 1975 in the capital of Ecuador, Quito. After losing his father at age 9, his father's family decided to raise him in the United States were he not only was able to graduate successfully from high school, but also obtain his CDL as a truck driver. After 22 years in the U.S. he decided to come back to Ecuador and become an entrepreneur. His managerial experience has included ships such as: Celebrity Xpedition, National Geographic Endeavour and Islander, The Legend, and hotels like JW Marriot and Sol Y Mar.  His fluent language skills and friendliness will give any passenger the most comfortable journey on our ship.

Omar Valverde

Second Mate

Omar is the second mate on Cormorant with over 11 years of navigating in the Galapagos Islands. He is originally from Guayaquil and was born on July 14th of 1985. Not only does he help bring passengers back and forth to the islands, but also on short and long navigations and makes sure our boat stays clean every time passengers come on board.

Wilman Altafuya


Wilman was born in one of the most visited and beautiful provinces in the north eastern part of Ecuador called Esmeraldas, also known for its warm days and spectacular beaches. He was born on May 18th, 1959, and he has the most experience on board with over 30 years at sea and working in some harsh and loud environments such as the engine room. His responsibilities range from helping our main chief engineer repair any damages in the engine room to performing random maintenance duties such as drawers or air conditioners in passenger's cabins.

Wilmer Cheli


Wilmer is not only in charge of maintaining our crew well fed and happy, but with some very creative fruit decorations, he gives a special touch to all of our buffets. He was born in the city of Guayaquil on May 10th, 1961, and has been traveling on Galapagos waters for over 24 years. Just as our main chef, Wilmer has also worked in some recognizable hotels on the main land

Jessica Marcillo


Jessica is one of the very few women at sea and also one of the newest additions to our crew. Born in the province of Manabí along the coast lines of Ecuador on July 4th, 1976, she came on at a very early age to Galapagos and is now a full-time resident. Her exceptional towel folding and over 4 years' experience as a bartender has given us a special advantage for our crew since she can perform more than one job on each embarkation