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USA, February 2017
Peter - Traveled on the Cormorant

Dear Vladimir,

We had a wonderful time on our Cormorant cruise, from the boat itself, the crew, the food, and our terrific guide Carlos. All your arranged connections and the hotel worked perfectly.

I would especially like to thank you for all the arrangements that you made and the way in which you always replied promptly to any emails and queries.

If you send me the name and email of the head of your office and/or the cruise company I would like to send them a little note about how pleased I am with the service that you have provided.


February 2017
Laura Nicholson - Traveled on the Cormorant

Hi Christian,

We had a wonderful time. I cannot think of a thing to change. Everything was fantastic -- naturalist Carlos, tours, crew, food, other guests, etc. They had a nice celebration for Tony's birthday too. The only sort of mishap was our ceiling leaking onto the bed one night, but the crew worked hard to get that fixed. That boat gets a lot of work I'm sure.

Your service was great. Thank you again for arranging a perfect trip and for changing our pick up point when we came a day earlier. We very much appreciated the nights in the Swissotel as well. It was a really lovely place to stay while we saw Quito, and everyone at that hotel was extremely nice.



USA, February 2017
Don - Traveled on the Petrel

Hi Veronica:

Linda and I have returned from our trip. This was our best trip ever. The crew were all great; helpful, cheerful and informative. Eduardo was the director and very special. The guide, Harry, was terrific. And the ship was top-notch.

We'd like to thank you for all your help. Everything went very smoothly for the whole time.

Best Regards,

USA, October 2016
Joe and Lisa Lindstrom - Traveled on the Ocean Spray

Dear Haugan Cruises,

Seamless travel from start to finish! Friendly, fun staff, kept busy enough but not too busy. Exceeded all expectations.

Joe and Lisa

USA, May 2016
Laura Mulloy - Traveled on the Cormorant and to Peru


Thanks so much for assisting our family on one of the BEST vacations we have ever had! You were attentive, available and very informative.

We really appreciate your work on the passports and getting Tony able to meet us for the rest of the trip.

I do not know who your supervisor is, but I would like his email, as I would like to send a letter of recommendation about your excellent attention to detail, availability and hard work.

We have traveled globally and have yet to have a travel advisor as excellent as you!

Thanks again!

All the best!

USA, May 2016
Debbie and Gary - Traveled on the Cormorant

Hi Vladimir,

I found out from Eduardo the Barman on the Cormorant the day after the match. He was very excited about the win. Sorry I haven't emailed you earlier but we only just got back home as we extended our stay in Hawaii by 5 days.

For some reason the wifi on my tablet stopped working after the Galapagos. I have been using my work email after our gmail account got hacked last year and as I can access my organisation's server through Citrix to get to my email account the security is really high. The server wouldn't allow any of the hotel computers or anyone else's tablets to access the email account until I got back to my home computer.

Even though we have only just returned, Peru and Ecuador seem so long ago. The Galapagos were amazing. We would have stayed on the Cormorant for another week if it had been possible. We would return in a heartbeat if we were offered the chance. The scenery and the wildlife were stunning and the snorkeling was great although we had some poor visibility some times due to some large swells.

I had no further health issues after my day in Cuzco which made Debbie happy. We both really liked what we saw of Ecuador and have put it on our list to return. We must thank you again for putting our holiday together and for the time and meal with Elena and yourself and for your wonderful gifts. We didn't take them to the Galapagos for fear off them being blown away but they looked very stylish in Florida, California and Hawaii.

I had better close off now as unfortunately, due to losing my wifi and not monitoring my emails, I had over 1000 emails to read and I start straight back to work tomorrow.


Debbie & Garry ??

USA, June 2016
Chris - Traveled on the Cormorant


We are back in Quito after a fantastic week in the Galapagos.

The crew of the Cormorant were fabulous and it was an incredible week for all of us. Thanks again for your help in putting it all together.?


Canada, Nov 2015
Greg Thurn - Traveled on the Cormorant

Everything was outstanding Christian. In particular, our guide Harry did a great job of patiently answering the barrage of questions that came his way. And the chef was excellent. What great food!

It was also nice to be greeted in country by our driver. It's a good feeling when you arrive at midnight in a strange country to find someone waiting for you.

It all went off without a hitch!

Thanks again,

Australia, Oct 2015
Jim - Traveled on the Cormorant

Dear Vladimir,

This is a quick email to express our appreciation for the wonderful experience we had in the Galapagos. The Cormorant was the ideal ship for our trip, and the crew were at all times helpful and professional. The cabins were much bigger than hotel rooms, the food was first class, and all the staff made us feel very welcome.

The island visits were quite fascinating, and the guide Gustavo helped everyone to understand the geological and historical development of the islands and their birds and animals. We saw so much in four nights and five days that was so new and different. The activities were a good balance, with walking and snorkelling allowing us to get up close to the land and marine creatures.

Your organisation was also very effective, with all the arrangements working smoothly and making our lives much more relaxed as travellers in a foreign country (our driver back at Quito airport turned up shortly after I phoned you and was most apologetic; he was also a good driver). La Casona de la Ronda was a charming hotel in Quito and ideally located for visiting the historic parts of the city.

We will recommend your company to our friends in Australia when we get home on Sunday. Thanks once again for making our visit to Ecuador and the Galapagos so memorable.


Jim (and Lorraine)

USA, April 2015
Claudia - Traveled on the Ocean Spray

Dear Veronica,

This email is to thank you for helping me with the trip of a lifetime! My trip was like having a front row seat on the best nature show on earth.

Ocean Spray was a really comfortable ship and everything went as expected. The crew under Alex worked tirelessly to make sure we were always comfortable and often took special care of me being a lady traveling solo.The guide, Morris Garcia, made the trip fun, exciting and educational. His in depth knowledge is beyond impressive and passion for nature and animals contagious. I liked Galapagos so much that I may be going back!

Thank you again,


Canada, Dec 2014
Lisa - Traveled on the Ocean Spray & went to La Selva + Peru

Hi Veronica, thank you!
We had a great time and many friends and relatives LOVE the pics we took on our trip!
Thanks for organizing the fabulous trip for us - we look back fondly on the wonderful memories!
Germany, July 2014
Harmut - Traveled on the Ocean Spray

Vero, We thoroughly enjoyed every bit of Ecuador, mainly due to a good and balanced itinerary. I can only recommend your beautiful country and people to whoever is interested in South America. Thank you H.
USA, July 2014
Karen - Traveled on the Ocean Spray

Hi Veronica,
We all had a wonderful time in Quito and the Galapagos Islands. The Ocean Spray was beautiful! Thank you! Karen

Australia, July 2014
P. - Traveled on the Ocean Spray

Dear Vero
We have had the most amazing holiday, thank you so much for all your help.
Again thank you so much for your expert help with our wonderful holiday. Also many thanks to the wonderful Ricardo for his most helpful and friendly assistance.
Kind regards

USA, June 2014
Wendy Quadling - Traveled on the Grand Odyssey

We are safely home and everything was fantastic!  Thank you so much. Everyone agreed that it was the best trip they'd ever been on.  Quito is so beautiful that is my new favorite city, and I hope we can come more often.  We will definitely ask for your assistance in planning when we do!

Thank you again!

USA, May 2014
Martha and Greg - Traveled on the Ocean Spray

Vero, I just wanted to write and thank you for all your help in setting up our trip to Ecuador which was absolutely perfect. It was flawless! Our cruise....all I can say is WOW! The crew was wonderful, the food delightful, our fellow passengers were a delight and our guide, Vanessa, was absolutely fantastic. She couldn't have been more enthusiastic and knowledgable. Her love for her home islands was evident. It was also fun because she liked to be spontaneous which we all loved as we raced off in the pangas to chase orcas or to catch up with dolphins to swim with them. A special thanks to you as well for setting up our trip to the cloud forest and spa. We had a very special day. Martha and Greg

UK, April 2014
Fuchslocher + Aqueveque - Traveled on the Cormorant

The holiday went without a hitch.....  From day 1 in Quito where Raoul made the day informative and fun and we learned a little about your Capital.  The Swissotel was wonderful and everyone so helpful and kind.  Our room was always quiet and in fact we were upgraded on our last night.
The Galapagos was magical and everything from the transfers, to the accommodation, the crew, the food, Xavier the guide not to mention the islands were outstanding. 
Lastly but not least we must mention you Vero, you have been so organised, thoughtful regarding our needs and always patient.  Without your help we would never have had such a great time. Even making sure that Alan had his birthday cake for his 60th birthday.  Well done.
We have never done this before and we have travelled extensively over the las 25 years.  You should be very proud.

Many thanks

US, January 2014
Fern and Walter  - Traveled on the Ocean Spray

It was wonderful!!!! Can't say enough about the Ocean Spray. The ship and crew were top notch. The food was amazing and our guide was superb. 

 The islands we visited were all unique and we enjoyed the variety of excursions from hiking to snorkelling to dinghy ride.  We are in good shape and managed all the activities but there was no pressure to do everything as some folks on the trip were older and couldn't do all the activities.
US, Jan-Feb 2014
Douglas and Mary Beth  - Traveled on the Ocean Spray

Overall trip: A wonderful experience! The Galapagos cruise aboard the Ocean Spray far surpassed our expectations. The animals we saw were so numerous. The two excursions each day were varied and the snorkeling was phenomenal. Even got to snorkel with sea lions, thanks to our exceptional guide Harry Jimenez.

US, Feb 2014
Ronald - Traveled on the Ocean Spray

Just back from 8 day cruise aboard the Ocean Spray. A wonderful nature adventure, only 8 cabins aboard this new catamaran. Wonderful bilingual guide, Harry, who took us on three different adventures each day: hiking, snorkeling, panga (boat) rides. Saw marine iguanas, sea turtles, flightless cormorants, land tortoises, blue-footed boobies, sea lions, sharks, sea horses, all kinds of creatures. They are not afraid of man so you can get close for great pictures. Great food on the Ocean Spray, attentive crew, large cabins with private balconies. A wonderful time I booked with Haugan Cruises.
Ronald l

US, Oct-Nov 2013
Colleen  - Traveled on the Cormorant

Dear Haugen Cruises,

I would like to send you my thanks and kudos for your guide Morris Garcia and for the Cormorant crew.  We had a lovely time on your ship, and I can't say enough good things about how Morris handled the wildlife tours and his evening science briefings. He was very strong in his knowledge, his enthusiasm, and his skill in making connections between facts on the ground and common cultural touchpoints. Morris's English skills were first rate, as well.


SWISS, October 2013
Morf - Traveled on the Cormorant

Hola Cristina

Como estas?

Just wanted to let you know that clients Morf loved their cruise with you.

They said the ship was very nice and the crew as well. They felt like in a luxury hotel J

So thanks a lot to you and the whole crew!

Que tengas un lindo fin de semana!


US, July 2013
Trista  - Traveled on the Ocean Spray

Hi Cristina,

Just wanted to let you know the Cass party really enjoyed the Ocean Spray, the guides and the tour.  Please pass along the praise to everyone involved.



US, July 2013
Suzi - Traveled on the Ocean Spray

Dear Vero,
I second everything my daughter Jennifer said in her email to you.  I made a few additions and have a request.  Would you please forward my email to your supervisor, the owner of the Ocean Spray and the manager of the Grande Plaza Hotel

RE: Our trip to Quito and cruise on the Ocean Spray July 6 -July 13, 2013

We met our quide at the airport; we were very happy that he had on your company's shirt!  The shirt made him easy to find with all of the other people that were there.

Thank you for an amazing experience!  Francisco, our tour guide on Monday to Mindo, was fantastic!  He was very knowledgeable and friendly. The driver, Romero, was very safe!  These two worked very well together!  The Orchid and  Butterfly Gardens were excellent.  

The people at the Grand Plaza Hotel were wonderful!  They were very helpful and accommodating in every way!  They helped us book taxis, negotiated the cost of the taxi for us, explain a ritual that was involved in a certain dessert, and worked to make us feel safe and welcome! The room was very large and the 3rd bed was extremely comfortable.

The cruise was above and beyond our wildest dreams!  The ship and crew members of the OceanSpray were amazing!  They were helpful, friendly, and willing to help. The ship was clean, and their process with the snorkeling gear was great!  I was thrilled with how they had a hanger for each wetsuit with the room number and a bag for each person in each room, so that I was ensured to get my gear each day!  I also got to watch them clean the gear at the end of the day!

Harry Jimenez was a terrific tour guide!  His love of the islands and the wildlife was evident!  He had a great sense of humor and was willing to answer any and all questions!  He made himself available at all times and was very gracious.  He was able to explain our food allergies to the chef and work with them, even though he was unaware of Jennifer's allergies until our first day. 

My daughters and I had a wonderful time!  We will recommend you, your company, the ship, tour guides and the entire experience!  It was a wonderful trip of a lifetime!

Many thanks!


ps  I really appreciated everyone on the trip trying to explain things in English as we did not speak Spanish. My daughter Kim did speak some Spanish and was able to explain a few things for us. I really appreciate Harry as he would interpret for us to the crew if they did not understand what we were asking. Every crew member really tried to understand and to help.  I have visited so many places where I did not speak their language and know how difficult it is to understand others.  Haugen Cruises can be commended for making people of different countries and cultures as comfortable as possible.

US, February 2013
Marina - Traveled on the Ocean Spray

Ship was very good and personal atmoshpere. They would definitley recommend it. Oh and I forgot, the guide they had at Selva Lodge was very very good :-) So talks a lot to you and your team!! Saludos Marina

US, June 2013
Shannon - Traveled on the Ocean Spray

I have just returned from an 8 day cruise aboard the Ocean Spray Catamaran. I want to tell you that it was absolutely amazing! Your Captain and his staff are professional, knowledgeable and courteous. We are all seasoned travelers and have traveled all over the world. It was my first time to the Galapagos Islands and I did not know what to expect. This trip exceeded our expectations in every way possible!! Harry Jiminez, our Naturalist Guide, made learning about the animals, birds and fish so interesting. His vast knowledge and great sense of humor was a welcome relief to the stuffy guides I have had on past eco trips. It is refreshing to have someone who encourages us to ask questions and to feel comfortable interacting with nature. Harry even helped me get over my fear of being in the same water as sharks!!! Juan Pablo was a doll! He was able to fulfil every request within his means with a smile. Juan Carlos was friendly and always made sure we had lots of fresh vegetables and fruits with our meals. His assistant, Ariel, was one of the nicest people I have met. We really enjoyed seeing him with fresh squeezed juices and cookies after every outing! The Captain was accommodating and friendly as was all of his crew. Thank you so much. We were a group of 14 with two random add-ons at the end. The 14 of us had the best trip ever and some of us are already looking at our calendars to plan a trip to see the other half of the Islands. We will book Ocean Spray again and hope that the same crew and Guide, Harry, will be there to greet us. Shannon

Please send me your brochure for 2014. Thanks again!!! Keep up the great work!!

US, June 2013
David - Traveled on the Ocean Spray

"The Ocean Spray has to be the best boat in the Galapagos and the crew was great, very nice and very competent. We liked them all, from the engine room crew to the captain. Harry Jimenez, the naturalist, really made the trip for us. He was excellent and we have had experience with very good naturalists on our first trip. Any of us would highly recommend them again."

US, June 2013
Angela and Keith - Traveled on the Cormorant

We know Angela and Keith have told you just how much they enjoyed the holiday. The 5 days on the 'Cormorant' could not have been better, the service was 200% and we were lucky to have such a good mix of travelling companions on board. Peru was just amazing, with Macchupichu as the final highlight of the whole tour.

US, April 2013
John - Traveled on the Ocean Spray

Thank you all for your work in putting our trip to the Galapagos and Quito together.  The trip was a wonderful and unforgettable for Lisa, my brother and me.  The people you work with in Quito were wonderful , kind and very knowledgable.  Please pass on out thanks to them especially  Maria Alexandra and Patricio.  They increased our knowledge and appreciation for their unique country and people.  The Ocean Spray experiance could not have been better.  The entire crew especislly our guide Harry Jimenez were superb.  Thank you all again for all you did to create a unique and memorable experiance for us all.

Cheers, John
US, Feb 2013
Annemarie - Traveled on the Ocean Spray
Hola Cristina
Como estas? Just talked to Mrs Aisslinger, they loved it :-) Ship was very good and personal atmoshpere. They would definitley recommend it. Oh and I forgot, the guide they had at Selva Lodge was very very good :-) So talks a lot to you and your team!!

Saludos Marina

US, Nov 2012
Darenda - Traveled on the Cormorant
Hi Vero
I just want to tell you how wonderful our trip was!  I can't believe all the connections ran so smoothly.  We could not have had a better time.  The Haugan cruise was truly amazing!  Our guides at both Isabella and the cruise were terrific as well.  I want to put a special word in for Memeno, Alfred Bolorioh, our guide at Casa Marita.  He would definitely be a good addition to your staff if you ned someone in Isabella.  He has so much passion for his island and the wildlife.  Thank you again for arranging everything for us.
US, Oct 2012
Christine & William - Traveled on the Ocean Spray
Hi Cristina
I hope that you are well. Yesterday I finally managed to catch up with clients Christine Harris & William Holland. They have a brilliant time in the Galapagos and thought that the Ocean Spray was fantastic! The cabins really impressed them and what really stood out for them was the food. Christine mentioned that it was the best food they had and there was just so much variety. The itinerary was perfect and each stop/island they went to was completely different each day. She would have enjoyed the option of different activities being offered, such as more exerted exploratory walks where possible but she was advised onboard and now appreciates that these are offered on bigger boats to cater for the slightly larger groups, whereas on the smaller boats the focus is on snorkelling and more gentle walks.

They highly recommended the boat and entire itinerary and I also in turn will not hesitate to promote it on to future clients.
Thank you again for all of your assistance with the booking and I really do hope to send more clients there too!

Kind regards

US, Jul 2012
Brian and Sue - Traveled on the Cormorant
Dear Cristina:
Sue and I would like to thank you for recommending the Galapagos as a destination and using Haugan Cruises vessel Cormorant . Our experience will remain with us forever as one of the great times we have had. On board the crew were fantastic and our guide Luis was not only a great guy but was so knowledgeable on everything Galapagos and this added greatly to our experience. I am happy to be a reference should you ever need someone to relate their experience with Haugan and the Cormorant
April 2012
Barbara - Traveled on the Cormorant
Dear Mr. Haugan:

After spending a week in the Galapagos Islands, I feel compelled to write to you personally about my experience on the Cormorant from April 28-May 6. In short, the trip, with Harry Jimenez as our guide, was an unmitigated success.

While the accommodations, crew and passenger complement contributed to this success, the key reason was Harry himself. He possesses a great knowledge of the Islands and excellent command of the information ? one should expect nothing less.

What makes Harry unique is his ability to project his passion for and love of the Galapagos to those around him. From our first briefing to the last ? whether on the boat, hiking, or snorkeling - it was clear that Harry wanted each of us to experience, learn and understand as much as possible in so short a time. A patient, enthusiastic and talented teacher, with a great sense of humor, Harry also managed to balance the challenge of responding to the needs of individuals while leading the group. He never missed an opportunity to locate one more adventure, bird, flower, fish or iguana to enthrall us and add to our emersion and excitement.

I gained more on this adventure than I imagined possible ? in large part due to this exceptional guidance. Joining in this feeling is the wonderful group of people ? no longer strangers ? who found themselves together on this voyage.

Thank you for making this possible.

US, Mar 2012
Carin - Traveled on the Cormorant
Dear Isabel,
Me and my husband disembarked the Comorant yesterday after an absolutely exceptional experience!!!
Everything was top notch and we couldn't have had a better crew. Always there for us when we needed them - with a smile.
We would like to send a special thank you to all the crew members.
We are already looking at our calenders to see when we can come back and do the other half of the Galapagos on the Ocean Spray!
Again, your company provided an exceptional experience for us!
US, Jan 2012
John and Gail - Traveled on the Cormorant
Hello Sonia,
Some feedback I'm sure you'll enjoy from Rossettin pax!
We all have our favourite places and experiences but we all agree the cruise on the Comorant was outstanding.
After so much discussion regarding what boat we would go on we made the right decision. Being on a small boat was much more intimate, the food, staff and our guide Fausto Rodriguez were outstanding.
We made many friends on the cruise who I am sure we will keep in contact with including the Irish priest, the wild boys from USA and the other fun couples from NY, Tucson, and Australia.
Best Regards,
US, Nov 2011
Pamela and Claude - Traveled on the Cormorant
Hola Sonia:
Please see the trip evaluation below.
This was our first time on a cruise, so we don't have anything to compare it with, but we were very impressed with the size of the rooms, the luxurious towels (which were folded into different animals each day), the amount of storage, and quality and size of the showers. The private balcony was wonderful. The crew was very friendly and attentive.

US, Nov 2011
John and Gail - Traveled on the Cormorant
Dear Isabel:
Just wanted to let you know, what a wonderful trip our clients, John and Gail Willin had on the Cormorant!
They really enjoyed the experience and only had the highest regard for Haugan Cruises and the entire staff. Everything worked perfectly!!
Best Regards,
Norm Thomas
Towson MD
EC, Oct 2011
Juan Carlos - Traveled on the Cormorant
Hola Belen,
Queria agradecerles por la oportunidad que me dieron para viajar y conocer Galapagos, la verdad los tripulantes del crucero se portaron excelentes y el guia fue muy profesional, el Yate era de lujo, la verdad no me esperaba algo asi sinceramente les agradezco por todo eso muchas gracias.
UK, Aug 2011
Hagopian Family- Traveled on the Cormorant
Hi Andrea and Jim,
The boat was "gorgeous". The cabins were very comfortable, good guides and crew. We had a great trip, saw some amazing wildlife and the boat was worth the money.
Kind regards