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HAUGAN CRUISES Social Responsability

Haugan Cruises contributes to "Jesús Divino" Prison Foundation, which is an Ecuadorian non-profit organization that continuously works in the community focusing on providing support to the education of children, teenagers and youth from vulnerable areas of the province of Pichincha. Here are some points that help explain the Foundations current work and background:

Young people between the ages of 15 and 24 are the age group least taken into account by state policies and private initiatives. Most of Ecuador's youth have scarce resources, they live in vulnerable areas and are constantly seeking for solutions to their needs, these being: education, community involvement and finding their first job. We work in partnership with the Quito Youth Association AQJ which congregates over 3,000 underprivileged young people from 17 different communities in vulnerable areas of the Pichincha province (Atahualpa, Puellaro, Malchinguí, Minas, San José Obrero, Otón among others).

Despite having all the motivation to overcome their situation, these young people don't have sufficient financial resources to complete their high school education and/or university. As a result of this problem, they have very limited options when applying for jobs in local companies.

Our community´s lack of understanding and attention to the needs of this group, leads to the rise of greater problems such as poverty, crime, drug use and unemployment now and in the future.

In the Foundation we dedicate our efforts to obtain the necessary means to support formal education for these young men and women and to open doors in companies so they can have access to decent jobs. We procure and administer funds for scholarships, training, agreements, supervision and follow-ups of scholarship holders. We have resource audits.

In 2012 the Foundation started with 30 high school and university scholarship recipients, of whom many have now graduated and others managed to get their first job with our help. We now currently have 90 scholarship recipients.

Our current main goal is to reach out to more young people. What has been achieved so far is just the beginning of something great, but the need for help remains as our resources are limited.