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Chartering a luxury Galapagos Islands yacht with Haugan Cruises

What does it mean to “charter a cruise”?

In general nautical terms, the word “charter” simply means “reserving a boat.” However in the Galapagos, this refers to groups that decide to rent the whole vessel exclusively and privately for their group. You’re not only renting a boat, but the entire crew and all-inclusive service of a complete Galapagos cruise for your own private group.

Is chartering a cruise the best option for my group?

There are a lot of reasons why this might be an ideal option for your group.

  • The most obvious reason is for privacy. Since you will be in charge of the guest list, then there’s no concern that you will be on the cruise with strangers. This makes it a really good option for any group looking to focus their Galapagos trip on one theme (like clubs, church groups, company retreats, family reunions, etc).
  • Likewise, it ensures a more friendly experience with the crew. The crew will be able to get to know you as a group, rather than several separate families. Although subtle, it will definitely improve your experience onboard.
  • It’s great for academic trips. The Galapagos Islands are any science teacher’s dream destination. In fact, it was this very spot that helped inspire Charles Darwin’s groundbreaking Theory of Evolution back in the 1800s.
  • It’s a fun family vacation. We’ve hosted birthday parties for 90 year olds and their great grandkids, family reunions, and nearly every excuse to get the family together for a unique, once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

What does a chartered cruise cost?

An average 8-day cruise ticket to the Galapagos with Haugan Cruises can cost you over $6,000. This price really is worth every penny, as it ensures that you are getting the highest quality Galapagos experience possible. But when you charter a cruise, you will basically get one ticket completely free. That’s right – the total discount for chartered cruise can be close to $6,000 (or almost $400 per person).

Bear in mind that this discount is relative to the length of the cruise. For example, a 5-day cruise that $4,165 per ticket has a total savings of approximately $4,400 (about $300 per person).

In Ecuador, thanks to a lower cost of living, that kind of savings can afford you all kinds of luxuries, like a few more days in the Galapagos before or after your trip, or even a trip to one of the many beautiful natural or historical attractions in mainland Ecuador.

Yacht Options

With Haugan Cruises you’re assured the highest level of service and privacy on one of our 16 passenger luxury catamarans: The Ocean Spray, Camila or Petrel.


We work with you to customize your trip, but dates and itineraries are fixed and strictly enforced by the Galapagos National Park, so there is limited flexibility in itineraries and schedules. Make sure your itinerary contains everywhere you want to see, as they cannot be modified substantially.

Additional services for groups

We can assist you with creating custom designed trips for academic, family, corporate, religious or other organizations. Tell us about your interests and goals, and we’ll put a Galapagos charter expert on your case to create your group’s ideal Galapagos adventure.