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  • "A wonderful experience! The Galapagos cruise aboard the Ocean Spray far surpassed our expectations" -Douglas, USA
  • "We had a great time and many friends and relatives LOVE the pics we took on our trip!" -Lisa, Canada
  • "It was wonderful!!!! Can't say enough about the Ocean Spray. The ship and crew were top notch." -Fern, USA
  • "The Camila was the ideal ship for our trip, and the crew were at all times helpful and professional" -Jim, Australia
  • "Thank you much. Everyone agreed that it was the best trip they'd ever been on." -Wendy, USA
  • "The Ocean Spray has to be the best boat in the Galapagos and the crew was great, very nice and very competent" -David, USA

M/C Ocean Spray M/T Camila M/C Petrel

*Take advantage of M/T Camila's All Dates Special Discount. Click here for more information.

PURETMLA - Latin America


Haugan Cruises features the newest fleet of vessels in the Galapagos Islands: Ocean Spray, Petrel and Motor Trimaran Camila; providing excellent itineraries to remote island destinations, bilingual naturalist guides and luxury accommodations to suit your every desire.

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Our top Galapagos cruises with personalized attention and private facilities are unlike any other boat in the Galapagos Islands. Book directly with Haugan Cruises Galapagos, and take advantage of special promotions on Ocean Spray, Petrel and the new trimaran Camila!


The Galapagos Islands are a destination most consider the trip of a lifetime. Made famous by Charles Darwin and his theories of evolution, the 19 different islands are a living sanctuary of various land and marine species.

The Archipelago is located in the middle of three ocean currents, creating a fusion of great diversity in the species found. One cannot forget how the Islands were formed by volcanic activity that continues to this day, which also plays a large role in how the animal and plant species have adapted in order to continue to evolve.


We offer tailor-made Galapagos vacations on exclusive private yachts for 16 passengers as well as custom add-on tours to the Amazon Jungle, the Andes Highlands, a Machu Picchu tour, or a combined tour of Ecuador and Peru. Haugan Cruises also offers the new Ecuador Train - Tren Crucero: a fantastic way to explore a different side of Ecuador.

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