The history of our yachts

During our fifteen years of business, we have built seven yachts that are specially crafted to navigate and serve the Galápagos Islands.

We are very proud that our competitors appreciate our work and quality. Yachts built by Haugan Cruises have always been in high demand by other cruise operators, and this demand keeps us motivated to continue innovating our services and pioneering luxury cruising in the Galápagos Islands.

Let us introduce you the yachts that once were part of our fleet:

M/C Athala


Named after the owners first daughter. Now known as the M/C Anahi

M/C Athala II


Currently called the M/C Exploration

M/C Nina


Named after the owners youngest daughter. The first boutique luxury yacht in the Galapagos Islands to feature private balconies on all cabins. Now called Tip Top II

M/C Cormorant


First boutique luxury yacht with 2 ample suites with 2 ambiances for the bedroom, and a small living room. Kept the original name, but went through a deep refurbishing to elongate it

Ocean Spray


The classic Mega-Catamaran Ocean Spray built to offer high performance and comfort in Galapagos Cruising.